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Fleet Focus: Paper Transport

Ben Treadwell - 24 Nov 2015

discoverDEF is conducting a series of short interviews with fleet operators as part of our new 'Fleet Focus' series. These articles will look at issues in fleet DEF consumption and logistics, including overall size of SCR fleet, total DEF consumption, purchasing strategy and storage.

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Hitachi unveils new SCR equipped excavators

Ben Treadwell - 2 Nov 2015

Hitachi Construction has announced three new medium excavators all featuring selective catalytic reduction (SCR). The vehicles are noted for boasting fuel savings of up to 19% when compared to previous models.

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Thunder Creek debuts 1,200-gallon bulk DEF tank

Ben Treadwell - 23 Oct 2015

Thunder Creek equipment has announced its new bulk diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank this week, which offers 1,200 gallons worth of storage. The system is designed for both retail and large fleet operations, allowing for usage by both on-road trucking and off-road equipment.

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The impact of the latest VW revelations

Rebecca Hayward - 23 Sep 2015

In response to requests from clients, Integer Research is hosting a free webinar on Wednesday 23rd September 2015 analyzing the impact of the VW emissions 'defeat device' revelations.

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Powerblanket unveils DEF storage heaters at Mansfield D1 Expo

Rebecca Hayward - 28 Aug 2015

Utah-based, Powerblanket showcased its heating solutions for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) at the 2015 Mansfield D1 Expo in Denver, CO that took place in late August.

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Case IH announces new Tier IV compatible sprayer

Ben Treadwell - 28 Aug 2015

Case IH, a leader in agricultural equipment has announced its new 660-gallon-capacity Patriot 2250 sprayer featuring Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. The new model has an increased fuel efficiency thanks to the new technologies and is fully Tier IV Final compatible.

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